Solutions For Men

Half of men between the ages of 30 to 65 experience some form of erectile dysfunction (ED). You may be one of these men. Luckily there are a variety of natural solutions to treat ED and other forms of sexual dysfunction.

You may already be familiar with Viagra, which came out in 1998. Now, thirty years later, we have non-pharmaceutical approaches to treating sexual dysfunctions. Regenerative medicine is making waves across erectile dysfunction therapies for men.

Sexual Wellness MD is led by Dr. Richard Gaines, a pioneer in sexual health and age management medicine. From ED to Peyronie’s disease, he and his staff have worked with thousands of patients just like you to achieve results that lead to renewed male performance.

Priapus Shot for Men​

Named after the ancient Greek god of fertility and vitality, the P-Shot® is a groundbreaking procedure requiring no pills or surgery. The non-invasive shot uses your blood’s own platelet-rich-plasma in order to revascularize the penis leading to increased blood flow and sensitivity. Regain performance with the P-Shot®, now offered by Dr. Richard Gaines in Boca Raton. 

DualStim - ED Treatment​

The DualStim is a breakthrough treatment developed by Dr. Richard Gaines to provide real results to men seeking an erectile dysfunction treatment that simply works. The DualStim uses an advanced version of acoustic wave therapy to stimulate the growth of new vessels and nerves in order to treat ED and Peyronie’s disease. After just one treatment, the DualStim permanently increases the hemodynamics of penile erection.

Testosterone Therapy for Men

The naturally occurring androgen hormone plays several critical roles in a man’s life. Testosterone keeps you on the top of your A-game. If a patient has symptoms of “Low T,” a hormone specialist such as Dr. Gaines may suggest testosterone replacement therapy. A custom HRT regime, administered at our Boca Raton location might be for you if you are looking for greater virility, energy, stamina, and increased libido.


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