O-Shot for Women

Ladies, are you tired of finishing second in the bedroom? Are you satisfied if you even finish at all? 

As we age, our bodies’ desire for sex can start to diminish. The O-Shot is a new, noninvasive treatment that aims to alleviate female sexual dysfunction by extracting PRP, or platelet-rich plasma from a woman’s own blood and injecting it directly into the vaginal area. 

Increase arousal, vaginal lubrication, response time, and even the ability to reach orgasm with the O-Shot. Create a new level of connection, caress, and comfort with your partner in the bedroom. Find the hidden pleasure you thought you’d only find in movies.

  • Re-spark the sensuality 
  • Rekindle the “rock-hard nights”
  • Cuddle up with your partner in a state of post-orgasmic bliss

All that is possible with the O-shot. 

Read on! 

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot injects the most valuable part of your blood (platelet-rich plasma) back into your vagina in order to increase your physical sexual response. 

Your blood is made up of plasma, white blood cells, and red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen and white blood cells fight off infection. Yellow plasma is the liquid part of the blood that carries cells and proteins throughout the body.

If you ever scuffed your knee as a child and saw a yellow goo start to form around the injured area, that’s plasma! PRP contains growth factors and attracts multipotent stem cells to the site which help the wound close up and heal, as well as introducing a variety of other health benefits to the inflamed knee. 

Just as PRP can help an injured knee by stimulating renewed tissue growth and angiogenesis, it can also produce outstanding results for female sexual wellness through the same mechanism of action. More blood flow + renewed vaginal tissue = Increased sensitivity, greater arousal, and even a reduction of urinary incontinence (due to a tighter vaginal introitus).

Athletes like Tiger Woods have been getting PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, shots in other parts of their body in order to recover from injury. Kim Kardashian did a variation of the therapy when she got a Vampire Facial in 2013. These procedures use the naturally occurring best parts of your blood, have it reintroduced back into the body in a safe and noninvasive procedure that gives great results! 

Who the O-Shot is for

The O-Shot is for women between the ages of 30 – 60 who don’t want to take drugs or go under the knife. It uses the body’s own regenerative capabilities to add increased blood-flow, increased lubrication, and a higher sensitivity in the vaginal area. It’s also safe because it uses elements from within your own blood and thus has little to no potential for adverse reaction. 

The O-shot addresses the body. Unlike prescription drugs, which alter the mind’s psychological state, the O-shot works on the physical root-causes of the issue for most women.

See if you fit any of these categories:

  • 43% of women have difficulties getting an orgasm
  • Up to 80% of women have difficulty having orgams with vaginal intercourse
  • Some women are anorgasmic, which means they’ve never had an orgasm at all
  • Other women still, find intercourse to be painful –  a condition known as dyspareunia

-Dr. Wright

*The PRP Shot is also available for men in the form of the P-Shot. 

Female Sexual Dysfunction

For female sexual dysfunction to be understood we first have to understand the normal phases of sexual intercourse. 

Normal Phases of Sexual Intercourse

(First discovered by the husband and wife researchers, Masters and Johnson in 1966. It still holds true today).

  1. Desire – “You want to do it” / “You’re in the mood to do it” 
  2. Arousal – Blood flows into the genital area; lubrication begins. The pelvic area may feel full, as erectile tissue in the pelvis, vulva, and clitoris swell with blood. Nerves also become more sensitive to stimulation and pressure. 
  3. Climax – Tension releases in a series of involuntary and pleasurable muscular contractions, the peak of which is orgasm; women can have multiple orgasms with short refractory periods 
  4. Resolution – Unless stimulation continues, the resolution stage occurs. During the half hour or more after orgasm, the muscles relax, and the clitoris, vagina, and uterus return to their usual positions. The body experiences a nice warm fuzzy feeling afterwards. 

Science Behind the Procedure

Perhaps you need help getting started, in which case greater Desire can be facilitated by the increase of libido using the O-Shot.

Perhaps you are hitting roadblocks at the Arousal stage, in which the O-Shot can help with issues surrounding lubrication of the vaginal walls. Or perhaps the increased sensitivity which comes with renewed vaginal tissue will help you reach the orgasm of your dreams.

What can I expect from the procedure?

  1. We numb the area for about 30 minutes with a lidocaine cream
  2. We draw 20CC’s of your blood from your arm
  3. The blood is put in a vial which spins in an FDA approved centrifuge at 3100 revolutions per minute (rpm) for 9 minutes
  1. Separation is natural. The red-blood cells will sink towards the bottom, the white blood cells will remain in the middle, and the yellow plasma will collect towards the top
  2. We harvest the platelet-rich plasma, harvesting your own healing factors from the platelets 
  3. At this point the PRP is rich in
    1. Growth Factors
    2. Fibroblasts
    3. Fibrin
    4. Platelets
  4. We inject 11CC’s in your clitoris, vagina, and/or G-spot

Question: Does it hurt?

Answer: The pain is about the same as a normal shot to the buttocks, usually less. Some women report a slight burning or buzzing sensation a few minutes after the procedure. 

Question: How long does it take for the effects to be felt?

Answer: It can work immediately; but it generally takes 2 to 3 weeks to start to work. Shortly after the procedure patients can go do whatever they want the next day; there is little to no down time. 

Question: How does the O-shot help me “down there?” 

Answer: The O-shot helps increase libido, helps with dryness, and urinary incontinence. Since the O-shot works on the vagina and clitoris area it naturally helps the bladder too. The procedure has also been used by doctors who implement the O-shot for female patients with Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs. 

Question: How much does the O-Shot cost?

Answer: The procedure costs $1,200 to $1,500 and isn’t covered by insurance. 

Why Trust the O-Shot?

“Sex is not just about pleasure it’s about putting relationsips back together.” -Charles Runels, M.D. 

Charles Runels M.D. is the brains behind the operation. 

An emergency room doctor who came to work in the aesthetics specialty, Dr. Runels began using PRP growth factors in order to aid men with stronger erections and increased libido. The first pioneer in the field of medicine to discover and trademark the Vampire Facelift, Dr. Runels has been featured on the New York Times and USA Today. 

He has since applied the PRP shot (also known as the P-shot) to women, and has used platelet-rich plasma in over 8,000 research studies. Dr. Runels has brought together a wide variety of doctors in aesthetics, plastic surgery, and urology together in order to come under one unified standard of practice for Platelet-Rich Plasma.  

Better partnerships, unity with your romantic partner, and a greater overall sense of well-being are a phone call away.

The O-shot might be for you if you are looking for greater lubrication, better orgasms, and increased libido. Call the number to schedule a free consultation and see if the O-shot is right for you. 

Expect Great Results

“Expect great gains from Dr. Gaines.”

Dr. Richard Gaines received his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Since then he has spoken at medical conferences across the nation. His office specializes in aesthetics, age management medicine and sexual wellness. 

Today, Dr. Richard Gaines is at the forefront of this rapidly evolving sexual health paradigm and continues to innovate with new anti-aging treatments to extend the number of healthy years for his patients. 

He has been interviewed by Susan Summers, who is a champion of bio-identical hormone therapy for women. Dr. Gaines has trained under Charles Runels M.D. and is allowed to carry out the O-Shot (and P-Shot) in a safe and FDA compliant manner.


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